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The Grooms Perspective: Best MANifesto

In which our groom-to-be has some words of advice for his number one pal… Now onto the poor unfortunate soul also known as the Best Man. He


The Groom’s Perspective: Groomsman Manifesto i

or: Putting the Man in Manifesto In which our intrepid Groom makes like Eminem and tells it like it is… Being a Groomsman sounds like a pretty sweet

The Groom's Perspective: Course We Did

In which our groom-to-be goes Catholic for the day and plans a master race… With nine months still to go before the Big Day, you might think

Here Comes The Brrride

In which our groom is wearing his thermal undies… If the weather conditions of the past few weeks are anything to go by, Lisa and I could

Groom's Perspective: A Very Good Year

In which our groom to be receives no payment or benefit for his kind words… Honest. This month it will be exactly a year until the Big

The Groom's Perspective: Other People Get Married Too

In which our groom-to-be is taking notes… My cousin Matthew got married at the weekend. I know what you’re thinking – How dare he? How dare

The Groom’s Perspective: Shooting my Mouth Off

In which our groom rolls down a hill in a giant inflatable ball… again. Lisa has done a series of posts now on engagement shoots in Ireland

The Grooms Perspective: First Dance Part ii

In which our groom-to-be sings along at the top of his lungs … Haw-haw-haw-haw-haw hawt! Last week I shared my classy choices for the first dance… this

The Groom’s Perspective: First Dance

In which our groovy groom comes over all Simon Cowell… Being a bit of a music nerd, when I started thinking about what song Lisa and I

The Groom's Perspective: I Propose a Riot

In which our dear groom sets the ball rolling… Whenever I tell people that I proposed to Lisa in Paris, the first thing they invariably say is

The Groom's Perspective: Getting it in the neck

In which our groom-to-be gets all tied up in knots… First things first, and at the risk of sounding echoey, I do know how to tie a

The Grooms Perspective: Choosing Your A-Team

In which our prospective groom flirts with excesses but stops short of asking it back to his place… Another week, another shameless plundering of one of Lisa’s

The Grooms Perspective: A Topic Deer to my Hart

In which our groom rolls down a hill in a giant inflatable ball on his way to a quidditch game and discusses stag dos and stag

The Groom’s Perspective: Groom for Improvement

It’s the man who needs no introduction… Lisa’s poll last week was about the groom’s involvement in the wedding. At time of writing, the majority of people

The Groom's Perspective: Party Piece

Alert! A boy has once again taken over at Bride and Joy… Here he shares his dinner party musings… So Lisa and I decided to throw a