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Bride and Joy in Irish Brides Magazine

Bride and Joy in the Press! Irish Brides Magazine

I’m a little bit late in posting this, but just in case you haven’t already seen it, the lovely folks at Irish Brides Magazine have included Bride and Joy in it’s Online Inspiration feature this season, alongside other fabulous blogs like Rock n’ Roll Bride, London Bride, and the gorgeous new Irish wedding blog Sparkle and …

Best Day Productions Bride and Joy

Our DIY Wedding – Video with Best Day Productions

If there was one thing missing in last week’s post on Our DIY Wedding, it was the video. I was amazed by how much of the daypassed by in a blur, and in the weeks after I was dying to see the video to jog my memory (ok, there as a LOT going on that …

Our Wedding Photographs by We are the Mastersons

Our DIY Wedding!

For a wedding blogger, writing about your own big day should be a doddle. After all, not only were you present on the day but you

Our DIY Photo Booth13

Our DIY Wedding: Photobooth Pics

Today’s post is one that’s very close to my heart – a DIY post with a healthy serving of familiar faces to boot… well, familiar

Happy New Year Balloons

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012 to one and all! It may be your first New Year as a Mrs, or maybe this week marks the next phase in the BIG

Bride Brain

Bride Brain – A Type of Marital Man-Flu

Time’s a funny thing when you’re getting married. No matter who you talk to will tell you that once the date is set, the time flies

Bride and Joy's Engagement Session

Our Travel Themed Engagement Session

Well. Where do I start! Today’s post is one that I’ve been dying to share with you and I’m very excited that I finally can -

Hen Party Report

Hen Party Report

Well we all know what happens on tour stays on tour – but I just had to share with you some of the highlights of my

Retro Teal and Coral Newspaper Invitations

Our Story: Invitations!

You might expect, as our big day draws ever-closer *mini dance* that I’d have lots of Our Story posts, but over the past while they’ve been

Chicken on a hen night

Who Ya Callin’ Chicken??

When it comes to chicken and egg situations, weddings have it sorted. We all know that the Hen comes before everything else. And guess whose Hen it

Bride and Joy in B Magazine

Bride and Joy in the Press!

You may have read in yesterday’s post that Bride and Joy was mentioned in The Irish Independent in the Savvy Consumer column… but that’s not the only place we’ve popped up over the past month. Irish wedding quarterly, B Magazine this month featured our how-to on the ever-popular Getting-To-Know-You Table Numbers. We were delighted to be …

The Grooms Perspective: Best MANifesto

In which our groom-to-be has some words of advice for his number one pal… Now onto the poor unfortunate soul also known as the Best Man. He


The Groom’s Perspective: Groomsman Manifesto i

or: Putting the Man in Manifesto In which our intrepid Groom makes like Eminem and tells it like it is… Being a Groomsman sounds like a pretty sweet

RSVP by Pretty as a Picture

Regrets? We’ve had a few…

…but then again, too few to mention? Six months to go and we’re deep in the heart of Guest List territory. Things are getting brutal. The combination