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Dara Kelly and Jesse Clauson on May 15, 2011.

Dara and Jessie’s First Look

The First Look session is a growing trend stateside – it’s where the bride & groom see each other before the wedding, with their photographer on


In Print

or: how to use the services of a printer to bind together the overall ‘look’ of your wedding. One of the easiest ways to personalise your wedding

All You Need is Love Wedding

All you need is…

When Shelley & Ryan tied the knot in North Carolina last November, they did not lose sight of what was truly important. The famous Beatles lyrics,

Couple running up stairs on their wedding day

The Great Escape

or: Finding time for yourselves as a couple on the big day. [caption id=”attachment_3785″ align=”aligncenter” width=”500″ caption=”Although you are surrounded by

Quirk-Factor Wedding Moodboard on Pinterest

Something that’s piqued my interest…

This week I’ve really been concentrating on planning our own wedding – we’re nearly at the 6 month mark and I can’t believe it! It will


Royal Wedding – Some Fun Stats

Kate. William. Royal Wedding. There’s only one show in town today, folks. With two billion people anticipated to tune in to TV networks around the world,


Watching the Royals: Wedding Week TV Guide

  Maybe it’s just cause I’m planning a wedding, but I’m getting sort-of excited about the Royal Wedding, and I never thought I would! Time to set

Kieran Elaine Real Wedding Rubistyle

Elaine & Kieran – Quirky Accessories

One thing I do love to see is an Irish wedding with the Quirk Factor. Elaine & Kieran got married in Barberstown Castle and they posed

The Groom’s Perspective: Wedding Stuff I Just Don’t Get

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] could probably fill a whole other blog writing about stuff I don’t ‘get’… So it’s just as well that I can limit this post to

DIY: Doily Envelopes" href="">IMG_0255

DIY: Doily Envelopes"> Wedding DIY: Doily Envelopes

Just ask Hyacinth Bucket; doilies are the epitome of class… Ok, well if you don’t agree with that, how about the epitome of Quirky? These DIY Doily

A Very Special Announcement…

I have been keeping this under my hat for some time now but at last the time is come when I can spill the beans…   A New

The Groom’s Perspective: All Quirk and No Plain

There’s been a lot of talk of quirk in these quarters and I think it’s only fair that I chip in with my thoughts on the

My New Favourite Thing

I picked up this little beauty in the Art and Hobby Store in Jervis during the week and I am raving about it! It’s a round


For Japan with Love: Bloggers Day of Silence

Tomorrow (March 18th) I am partaking in a Bloggers Day of Silence in memory of the victims of the Japanese tsunami. We have all seen the horrific


Just Your Type: Art Deco

Continuing in our pursuit of the perfect font for your wedding invitations, today we look at the oh-so-pretty style of Art Deco fonts (with just a