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Candy Bar Sign from our DIY Wedding
Photo Booth Sign
Best Day Productions Bride and Joy

Our DIY Wedding – Video with Best Day Productions

If there was one thing missing in last week’s post on Our DIY Wedding, it was the video. I was amazed by how much of the daypassed by in a blur, and in the weeks after I was dying to see the video to jog my memory (ok, there as a LOT going on that …

Our Wedding Photographs by We are the Mastersons

Our DIY Wedding!

For a wedding blogger, writing about your own big day should be a doddle. After all, not only were you present on the day but you

Sparkly Wedding Shoes DIY

Our DIY Wedding – Sparkly Shoes How-To

I have been dying to share this post for so long! My wedding shoes turned out to be quite a clandestine affair… I’d fallen for a pairĀ of Christian Louboutin shoes from a few seasons before that were totally out of my budget (as well as out of stock), so I decided to recreate them myself. …

Our DIY Photo Booth17

Our DIY Wedding: The Ultimate Photo Booth How-To Post

One of my personal favourite things about our DIY Wedding has got to be the Photo Booth. I put up the photographs from it recently, and

DIY Geek Glasses

Our DIY Wedding: Cheap Chic Geek Glasses

The eco ethos inspires today’s post. We have a drawer at home full of 3D glasses – despite our best intentions, we rarely remember to bring

Our DIY Photo Booth13

Our DIY Wedding: Photobooth Pics

Today’s post is one that’s very close to my heart – a DIY post with a healthy serving of familiar faces to boot… well, familiar

Retro Teal and Coral Newspaper Invitations

Our Story: Invitations!

You might expect, as our big day draws ever-closer *mini dance* that I’d have lots of Our Story posts, but over the past while they’ve been