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Sparkly Wedding Shoes DIY

Our DIY Wedding – Sparkly Shoes How-To

I have been dying to share this post for so long! My wedding shoes turned out to be quite a clandestine affair… I’d fallen for a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes from a few seasons before that were totally out of my budget (as well as out of stock), so I decided to recreate them myself. …


Wedding DIY: Speech Signs

Here’s a bit of fun for the wedding speeches – some signs to prompt the audience… Modeled by the lovely Mr Joy, there are both an

Our DIY Photo Booth17

Our DIY Wedding: The Ultimate Photo Booth How-To Post

One of my personal favourite things about our DIY Wedding has got to be the Photo Booth. I put up the photographs from it recently, and

Our DIY Photo Booth13

Our DIY Wedding: Photobooth Pics

Today’s post is one that’s very close to my heart – a DIY post with a healthy serving of familiar faces to boot… well, familiar


Celebrate Movember – Moustache-on-a-Stick How-To

Last year, we marked the annual Movember charity drive with this fab and easy DIY Moustache tutorial. In case you missed it, here’s the template for

Easy DIY How-To Make your own Bunting from Paper Napkins

Wedding DIY: Easy Paper Bunting

Here’s a quick, easy and effective wedding decor tutorial: How to make your own Napkin Bunting. It works out a lot more economically than fabric bunting

Retro Teal and Coral Newspaper Invitations

Our Story: Invitations!

You might expect, as our big day draws ever-closer *mini dance* that I’d have lots of Our Story posts, but over the past while they’ve been

Wedding Glitter Shoe DIY How-To

Wedding DIY: Glitter Shoe Soles

For this project, you will need: Glitter – I picked mine up in Hickeys on Mary Street (it’s cute and heart shaped!). Super Glue Some gorgeous shoes   1. First of

DIY Napkin Place Cards

Wedding DIY: Napkin Place Cards

These napkin place cards are such a straight forward and easy DIY project to show your guests to their seats. This project is a sister of


Wedding DIY: ‘I Do’ Diamante Shoes

These ‘I Do’ shoes are a fun and easy DIY project to personalise your wedding shoes and to give your guests a hint at your intentions

DIY: Pine Cone Place Cards" href="">IMG_0218

DIY: Pine Cone Place Cards"> Wedding DIY: Pine Cone Place Cards

  These little beauties are perfect for a rustic or DIY wedding, especially in the autumn, or doused in glitter for a winter wedding. Here’s the How-t0:   You

Getting to Know You Table Numbers

Wedding DIY: Getting to Know You Table Numbers

Making a table plan is definitely up there with the most time-consuming (and political!) things about planning a wedding. Are Auntie Emily and Uncle Frank still

DIY: Doily Envelopes" href="">IMG_0255

DIY: Doily Envelopes"> Wedding DIY: Doily Envelopes

Just ask Hyacinth Bucket; doilies are the epitome of class… Ok, well if you don’t agree with that, how about the epitome of Quirky? These DIY Doily

DSC_0075 copy

A Valentine’s Gift for You: Free Cards Download

Valentine’s Day, – or Single Awareness Day as my unattached friends like to call it – is just around the corner. And as a special thank

DIY Bridesmaid Cards

Yesterday I filled you in on the lovely ladies who will be doing the job of bridesmaid on our big day, today I’m sharing with you