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Finding GPS Co-ordinates for your Venue

This is the first post in a new series called ‘Get Us to the Church on Time!’ . All the posts in this category have one

DIY Bridesmaid Cards

Yesterday I filled you in on the lovely ladies who will be doing the job of bridesmaid on our big day, today I’m sharing with you

Zen and the Art of Wedding Planning

or: Top 5 Tips for Getting Hitched without becoming Unhinged. We all know how stressful this wedding thang gets from time to time, and as the big

Caring for your engagement ring

Diamonds are made of tough stuff. Not only are they sparkly and eye-catching, they last for generations. Having said that, there are some steps you can

The 12 Month Checklist

This month we are officially at the 12 months to go stage – yippee! We’re very excited, and for anyone else that’s in the same boat

Lovers of Books

This is v cute… Ok, so it’s not actually a real wedding but it’s still brimming with inspiration for brides-to-be, especially if yourself and your future

Photo Booth Inspiration

Ah, photo booths. How much do I love thee? A fab alternative to sweaty dance floor photos. Check out this brill little collection from White

Movember Special: DIY Photobooth Moustaches

If you’ve noticed the men in your life have been getting hairier over the past few weeks, it could be because of the full moon. Of

What Every Bride Should Know About Photographers and Copyright

When you hire a wedding photographer there are lots of factors to consider. Is the photographer reputable, do their style and creative flair match your vision

Loving this: Cupcake Bouquet

Check. This. Out. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you get a sweet surprise. Cupcakes as a wedding bouquet. That will certainly keep you going

Pumpkin Theme Inspiration

Autumn is definitely in the air, and ahead of this weekend’s shenanigans ’round the bonfire, we bring you a treasure trove of Etsy finds, lovely things

1960s Mad Men Style Wedding

I saw this and I just had to share – what an amazing wedding! The world has gone Mad Men crazy and when you see the

Irish Asian American Fusion Wedding

What a great Irish turn of phrase we’re hearing more and more about these days, or should I say more and more about the lack of

Money Money Money

I haven’t done an ‘Our Story’ post in a little while and that’s because we’re busy saving!     Planning a

Volkswedding Camper Vans

UPDATE OCTOBER 2013: Sue has been in touch to let us know about the new services Lazy Days now offer, including the Republic of Ireland’s only VW Beetle for hire ! I contacted Sue after a reader inquired if Lazy Days were still going… and by the sounds of it they’re going from strength to …