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Offbeat Outdoors Wedding-05

Lindsey and Shaun’s Offbeat Outdoors Wedding by John DeFiora

Today’s beautiful real wedding photos are a group effort, led by the wonderful photographer John Defiora with help from Nino Gallego and Liz Cassano. John told me that when he  heard that Lindsey and Shaun’s wedding would be featured here he did a little happy dance. And I certainly share his enthusiasm! The groom Shaun is John’s …

Perfect New Years Eve Wedding

Jessica and Jordan’s Perfect New Years Eve Wedding by Kampphotography

If, like me, you love a winter wedding, you are in for a treat. Take a peek at Jessica and Jordan’s elegant, hand-crafted New Years Eve wedding which is bursting with vintage details (check out Jessica’s opulent vintage fur stole, and those retro microphones for the band). The ceremony officiant was none other than the …

Peacock Styled Wedding Shoot12

Peacock Inspired Wedding Shoot

It’s not every day I get a submission of a styled shoot that took place in a zoo, but when this little beauty landed in my inbox I knew I had to share it with you. It borrows teal and purple inspiration from these majestic birds and gives it a beautiful, weddingly twist. Photographer Christy …

Vintage Styled Wedding in the Rain

Vintage Styled Wedding in the Rain

We all know how much planning there is involved in putting together your big day – we look after every little detail and ensure things are ’just so’ – but there is one factor, that we have no control over whatsoever – the weather. All we can do is make the most of what we are …

Wedding Julie Wagner and John Bernhardt

Colour Inspiration: Nikki and Joe’s Red and Black Denver Wedding

Question: What’s black and white and red all over? No, it’s not a newspaper, a penguin with sunburn, or a nun falling down the stairs, it’s this

Candlelit DIY Texas Wedding

Wedding Detail Spy: Candlelit DIY Texas

Today’s Wedding Detail spy is a beautiful hand-made wedding with carefully considered details that radiates warmth from every photograph. The couple in question – Shelbey and


Wedding Detail Spy: Pink Tractor

Heather and Dirk definitely have the Quirk Factor. In fact, they have the Quirk Tractor. And I happen to be absolutely mad about their Lynden,

French Beach Engagement Shoot with a Costume Change

Costume Change – A Simple & Elegant Beach Engagement

Sometimes it’s life simple pleasures that are the best. If you are stumped about where to have an engagement session, it’s beach season at the moment

jacksonville fair engagement photos

Fairground Attraction

There’s something about the fun fair, isn’t there. The dazzling lights and candyfloss, the fun summers evenings spent taking in the view from the big wheel

Dirty Fabulous vintage gowns

Shopping in a Vintage Wonderland

Vintage is one wedding trend that is here to stay. What’s not to like – it’s kind to the environment, it’s easy on the eye, and

onelove photography Chris & Paige DIY wedding

Chris and Paige – Love n’ Lavender n’ DIY

After I featured this couple’s photo on last week’s post on Successful Wedding Theme Planning, a lot of you readers wanted to see the full wedding.

Kieran Elaine Real Wedding Rubistyle

Elaine & Kieran – Quirky Accessories

One thing I do love to see is an Irish wedding with the Quirk Factor. Elaine & Kieran got married in Barberstown Castle and they posed


Jenny & Barry’s Cappuccino-Coloured Affair

It’s appropriate that Jenny and Barry’s wedding has such delicious caramel and beige tones – their colour scheme is relaxed, and that’s exactly what they are


Dan & Fidelma – Being Yourself on Your Big Day

I have to say, it’s not often I see a wedding couple with this much personality. Fidelma and Dan look like they are having the time


Katie & Ben’s Village Wedding

Katie and Ben tied the knot at The Village at Lyons. Their wedding was a fusion of high-end glam and rustic surroundings. Look at the bunting