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Our DIY Photo Booth17

Our DIY Wedding: The Ultimate Photo Booth How-To Post

One of my personal favourite things about our DIY Wedding has got to be the Photo Booth. I put up the photographs from it recently, and

Retro Teal and Coral Newspaper Invitations

Our Story: Invitations!

You might expect, as our big day draws ever-closer *mini dance* that I’d have lots of Our Story posts, but over the past while they’ve been

Chicken on a hen night

Who Ya Callin’ Chicken??

When it comes to chicken and egg situations, weddings have it sorted. We all know that the Hen comes before everything else. And guess whose Hen it

Bridal Portrait Session

New Trend: Bridal Photography Sessions

We’ve all heard of engagement sessions – but have you come across this lovely little trend? Bridal Photography Sessions are a new trend coming over from

DIY: Doily Envelopes" href="">IMG_0255

DIY: Doily Envelopes"> Wedding DIY: Doily Envelopes

Just ask Hyacinth Bucket; doilies are the epitome of class… Ok, well if you don’t agree with that, how about the epitome of Quirky? These DIY Doily

Mini Me Models

Made in your own Image

I mentioned these cake-topper models in my round-up post for the Wedding Journal Show in Citywest, but I thought they deserved their own post because

Photo Booth Inspiration

Ah, photo booths. How much do I love thee? A fab alternative to sweaty dance floor photos. Check out this brill little collection from White

Movember Special: DIY Photobooth Moustaches

If you’ve noticed the men in your life have been getting hairier over the past few weeks, it could be because of the full moon. Of

Have you got your Wedding Magazine Deal?

One of the most unusual treasures I unearthed at the recent Wedding and Honeymoon show were these: Personalised Glossy Magazines for your big day by Irish

Taking the cake

Earlier in the week, I featured a real wedding’s cute garden gnome cake topper and promised more tip top toppers to come… Check out this array of