Caring for your engagement ring

Diamonds are made of tough stuff. Not only are they sparkly and eye-catching, they last for generations. Having said that, there are some steps you can take to make sure they look their best and stay in top condition:

Engagement Ring

  • Have a safe place that you can put your ring when using detergents/applyingtop tips icon lotion/showering etc. I have a hook in the bathroom and one in the kitchen for it so if it’s not on my finger, I always know where it is.
  • When using detergents or heavy equipment, remove your ring as it is likely to be damaged if you keep it on.
  • Likewise, if you are applying hand cream or body lotion, remove your ring to avoid a build-up that can dull the stones.
  • Have your ring appraised by a jeweler yearly to make sure the stones are secure, especially if the prongs seem loose.
  • Bring your ring to a jeweler for a written evaluation. Keep this document in a safe place and make sure your ring is covered in your home and contents insurance.
  • If you have a white gold ring, it will need to be recoated periodically.

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  1. Bambi

    We’ve only just gotten engaged and are still trying to figure out the fine points about what to do when…. so any tips, thoughts or other?
    …I work in a hospital so can’t wear it on my finger so should I put it on a chain or should I leave it in my locker, or should I leave it at home???

    …what about at the gym? I want to wear it all the live long day (particularly if I can’t wear it in work) but himself thinks it’s too fancy to wear at the gym and possibly cause damage to it….

  2. Lisa

    First of all, congratulations!
    I think it’s a good idea to put it on a chain so long as it’s not liable to snap during the course of the day. Tuck it into your top to keep it safe, and it will be close to your heart but not in a Carrie Sex in the City “I’m freaked out at the thought of marriage to you” way.
    Depending on the type of facility you work at, you might also have to consider the possible germs it could be coming into contact with. You do not want to bring anything nasty home with you and vice versa.
    If you decide it’s too risky to bring it to work, allocate a safe place at home and keep it there. By safe I also mean a place that’s not obvious to burglars.
    I would be averse to wearing it to the gym, especially if it is in any way loose on you. Heavy equipment and sweat are not ideal engagement ring bedfellows, and leaving it in a locker may be risky.
    Have you thought of getting a replica ring you could wear at those times you’re not comfortable wearing the real deal? I have one I wear on holidays and keep my real one in a safe til I get back.
    When you’re newly engaged you are naturally very paranoid about the ring. I look at married women who wear theirs everywhere, but it takes time (and kids sometimes help too too) for your focus to shift.
    I know what you mean, when you get engaged you want to have it with you all the time, it’s a special time so enjoy it!

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