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We’ve all heard the expression ‘There’s an app for that’ – and apps add endless functionality to your iPhone. A couple of weeks ago I downloaded a number of free wedding-related apps. And one has far and away outshone them all. And it’s called…

Wedding Caddy Wedding Budget by Sevenlogics

It’s a one-stop multi-device app to manage all your wedding budget, noting deposits paid, percentage of overall budget and anticipated expenditure.

To start, you specify a budget and it will generate a template budget. This is a great feature for those starting off planning their wedding as it makes its estimates based on an established budget formula. You can change things around to suit your own particular budgets (for example: we’re all about the reception so our flower budget is humble).

And whenever you pay a deposit or agree a price you can update the planner, it keeps a tally on what you’ve paid and what you have yet to pay so it might just help to keep you on the straight and narrow, and if not at least it minimizes the opportunity for nasty shocks!

You can do the heavy data entry on your computer at Weddingcaddy.com and then it syncs with your device so you’re not tapping and tapping for ages!

I was skeptical about all the apps to be fair. When something is free it generally isn’t that good. But this little gem surprised me. You can download it from the App Store.

This post comes with the following disclaimer:

Yes, I’ve become one of those iPhone people. You know the ones, you go to a party and they’re tapping away on their phones on the dancefloor. Checking their emails, tweeting, uploading embarrassing photos of you onto Facebook. Love ‘em or hate ‘em (this is generally defined by your choice of handset), they’re not going anywhere.

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