Beautiful Wedding in Snowy Dublin

Ok, hands up who thought the recent snow in Dublin was magical? Hands up who changed their minds about it when it hung around for weeks? Hands up who wants to see the good side of it again?

For our readers in the North and west of the country as well as in most of the UK, snow is probably proving a massive hindrance at the moment. But here is a visual treat for you to remind you of why we all – deep down – love to see a (little) bit of snow.

I love these photographs because they are more like something from a film than a wedding album. The snow makes everything seem so clean and fresh. Last January when we booked our wedding, we thought snow would be the last thing we’d have to worry about. But a year to the day and a thick blanket was covering most of the country. I was imagining the hassle, now I’m just imagining the photos!

Love how the light hits the top of the tower in this photo.

For more pictures of this magical day

head on over to Dave McClelland Photography.

Photographs used with permission.

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  1. Fifibelle

    Oh they are just divine!!LOVE the shot of them heading towards the tower, such perfect timing!!

  2. snow & 1950′s style wedding dresses … two of my favorite things. what a gorgeous wedding!

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