Background Information: Part 1

Sometimes the background detail of a photograph can change it from the normal to the sublime.


On your wedding day it’s natural that you’d want photographs of yourself and your beloved – after all that’s the one day all the focus is (or should be) on you. But have you thought about going on location between the ceremony and reception? It’s a popular choice – especially for summer weddings. And it pays to take advantage of your surroundings for amazingly-set photographs.

{Part 1: The Natural World}


Kudos to this couple who literally rock. Is it just me or does it look like they put themselves in a spot of danger for this amazing shot?


You can’t beat a bit of unbroken horizon for making a photograph look epic. I love how the couple appear to be floating above the ground. Lois Lane, eat your heart



I love the contrast in this photo, and of course the fluffy little deer in the foreground.



Look carefully into the background of this photo and you will spot a forest fire – what at first appears as a dusky sunset is something even more unique and memorable. Tune in next Tuesday for {Part 2: Man made Backdrops}

Photographs by

Gavin Holt Photography


White Tea Photography

- Used with permission


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  1. These are beautiful shots- a combination of nature, serendipity (like the deer happening along) and great photography!

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