Baby it’s cold outside….

Each week brings with it chillier air and rainier days.. which means it’s almost time for winter brides to shine. Here are my top tips for a winter wedding….

Long nights and Fairy Lights

Long nights and Fairy Lights

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1. Forget about the weather! This should be the case for all weddings but winter brides especially should appreciate that Mother Nature will do as she pleases, so buy some lovely matching umbrellas for the walk from car to church/venue, relax and forget about what’s going on outside.

2. Take care when choosing your photographer and videographer as the light will be a lot more limited. Ask to see samples from other winter weddings they have covered. On the day, it could be getting dark as early as half past four so factor this into your plans.

3. Make a contingency plan for photographs in case of inclement weather. No one wants to be posing on a beach in a snowstorm.

4. Be sure to keep warm – adrenaline will go a long way in achieving this but so will a faux fur stole. And that goes for your bridesmaids too!

5. If your wedding falls around Christmas, make sure the venue has their decorations out. Nothing makes a winter wedding more magical than the glow of fairy lights in the early evening.

  • Photo by Chris Nelson who will be the photographer on our winter wedding day!

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