Art of Love: Themed Real Wedding

All brides want their day to stand out in the memories of their guests for years to come. Invariably, we all want our days to be ‘different’ (there’s a paradox in there somewhere…) Here are some details from the wedding of a wedding photographer and a graphic designer who went with the theme ‘The Art of Love’. I spotted this on Southwest Weddings’ Blog.


I love this. It starts with the invitations which contained a blank card on the of the RSVP which requested guest to draw the meaning of love….which were all displayed at the reception.

Puzzle Sheet

Next up are the puzzle pages that were left on the seats before the ceremony to keep people occupied until the show got on the road.


At the reception they screened a short film made by the groom to tell the story of how he won Jenna’s heart. It was done in a documentary style with photos and a voice over. The groom had also photoshopped himself and his bride’s heads onto old photographs to illustrate the tale.

[vimeo 11064897 w=600&h=230]


The wedding favours were outlined pictures for the guest to paint, and they paints were included. The theme of the pictures was ‘The Art of Great Duos’.

Arty painty

But the piece-de-resistance has to be the commissioning of an artist, David French, to paint the wedding party at the reception. What an exceptionally creative pair the newlyweds are!

More info: Reception Hart Witzen Gallery; Bridal Gown Amy Kuschel; FlowersElizabeth House Flowers; Photography Erin Woolsey

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