Alternative Guestbook Inspiration

On Tuesday last, if you walked past Yumchaa tea shop in Camden, London you would have noticed something out of the ordinary…

London's Largest Love Letter

This outpouring of affection was arranged to promote the website which is running a competition to find a new romance writer.

London's Largest Love Letter

But looking at it through the eyes of a bride-to-be on a budget, wouldn’t it make the sweetest DIY guest book. All you need is a packet of markers, and pink and white Post-it notes and bob’s your uncle – decoration on the day, and notes you can keep forever from your guests which you could transfer them into a guest book when the wedding is over.

London's Largest Love Letter

They say everyone has a novel in them, if yours is of the romantic persuasion and you fancy the chance to be bound in print forever, check out Romance Isn’t Dead‘s competition. The winner will have their story published by Mills & Boon.

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  1. legalyblonde

    Sooooooo cute! Love these unique ideas you are always finding!

  2. Siobhan Lucid

    Don’t get a video message display thing..
    The more drinks that are had the more fun it seemed for male guests at a wedding i was at to get a permanent marker write on a guy’s butt cheeks {though the other bathroom users reaction would have been hilarious seeing three lads coming out of a cubicle} ‘Congratulations Dave and Maria’ {Names have been changed to protect the poor traumatised couple} and lift it up to the camera! ewwwwwwwww

    • Boys will be boys… but that’s just gross on the most romantic day of your life! We’re having our video guy take guest interviews so he’ll have final say on what is filmed… thankfully!

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