Bride and Joy and Mr. Joy on their wedding day

The Bride:

My name is Lisa and I am on a recently married bride on a mission. This blog is all about wedding creativity; encouraging and inspiring couples to put their unique stamp on the day and sharing the green shoots of inventiveness whenever I come across them. I am always on the hunt for The Quirk Factor – that indefinable spark that we all show when we express ourselves. And the good news is that this can all be done on a budget.

This blog is also about our own wedding plans – and to share what we learned along the way. I like all things quirky, off-beat, and kind to the environment. Unlike a lot of gals, I hadn’t been planning my wedding day since girlhood so I had no definite dream, I just didn’t want it to be too cookie-cutter. And it was an unforgettable day.

The Joy:
We wanted our wedding to be one big happy celebration with our nearest and dearest – good food, good music, good fun! Our budget was biased towards entertainment and as a recessionista bride I endeavoured to make our funds stretch as far as we can. I’ll be sharing my DIY bridal finds and creations over on the DIY and Downloadables page so check it out and feel free to use the .pdfs there for your own wedding. Time to think outside the box!

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A little bit about my intended:
He and I grew up in the same town and were in the same year at secondary school for three years and never knew each other, it wasn’t til we got to DCU that we met through mutual friends and the rest as they say is history.
We’ve been together since the day after my 21st party and he is the most sweet, caring and handsome man! You’d love him. We had our big day on November 26th 2011 (our 7th anniversary)- a magical winter wedding.

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  1. katie

    Aww…Does this mean I count as a mutual friend? :)

  2. Ive bumped into your blog a few times while randomly looking through the tag pages and always enjoy what i find. Are you living in Ireland? I’m based in Portugal but recently shot an Irish wedding out here (im a photographer) and it was by far the most awesome wedding i’ve ever done… all the best with your plans, im 3 months away from my own wedding so i know how it is…

    • Thanks Kerry, I am based in Ireland, we’re getting married just north of Dublin. That wedding you linked to looked like a lot of fun, some really nice shots. If you ever want to submit photographs for a feature, I’d love to hear from you. There’s more information on the ‘Submissions’ tag up there. Thanks for stopping by and best of luck for your big day :)

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