A Bride needs a (Brides)maid…

Last week I wrote a guest post for mrs2be’s wedding blog on the topic of bridesmaids. In my post I outlined my Bridesmaid Manifesto, which rolls off the tongue well but I have to admit I’ve still to ask two of my friends to do the honours…


The eternal question


The loo situation is one factor to consider when choosing bridesmaids, but more important is how and who you choose. I did the hat thing. I had no choice really. I have no sisters, but have lots of close female friends so I tore up lots of little pieces of paper, wrote their names on them and pulled out four. The independent observer for this was my mam. She agreed it was the fairest way of doing this.

One of my friends asked me recently, “Who’s in the hat?*” – well that shall eternally remain a secret. The important thing is who came out of the hat. And that is decided now.

So how come I am so slow to ask them? Well, there are two reasons for this. No three:

First of all, there’s a geographical issue. There are two of them I simply haven’t seen in the past few months. Is it appropriate to ask via text? Facebook? Twitter? Throwaway mention on the blog?

The second reason is I don’t want to offend the people who didn’t come out of the hat. I know, this is pretty pathetic. Wedding 101, Lisa: Someone’s gonna be offended at some point. Wedding 102, Lisa: A true friend will understand.

The third reason? Well I want to make them a nice card or something. And I’m just being stupidly fussy and keep putting this off. (Future bridesmaids: act surprised when I produce the card, ok?). Readers, I think it’s time I was hounded about this.

Twitter, Facebook, Blog Comments… I need to be nagged to spring me into action.

And you know of course, once I ask the lovely lasses in question to do the honours, there’s the whole other landmine of the order of appearance!

*”You darling, of course”.

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  1. Bambi

    Haha! I think it’s funny that this may be your only post without a reply, people probably think it’ll look like their canvassing for the position. I do think though that it’s unlikely peeps will be offended especially seeing as you do have 334 friends on fb! lol!
    So deep breath and a quick invite to dinner text or what have you and you’ll have it over you in no time!

  2. OR you could do an online oscar style video with a golden envelope! Make all your girlfriends wear red carpet dresses and film their runners-up-i’m-just-glad-to-be-nominated reactions??


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